Impeach Governor Wolf - Call To Action (Emails Sent So Far: 533,426)

For PA residents only: The Following Message Will Be sent to your state House Rep, your state Senator, the PA House & Senate Majority Leaders, and the entire House Judiciary Committee. That is 29 emails for each signature.

Governor Wolf’s orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak have violated our God-given rights, which are affirmed in the United States Constitution. In particular, his order mandating the closure of physical locations of all businesses that he has deemed ‘non-life sustaining’ is the confiscation property from business owners without just compensation. Further, his stay-at-home order has violated our rights to free speech and assembly.

As a PA resident and registered voter, I urge you to cosponsor current session HR 56 and vote yes to impeach.

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(This Call-To-Action is Managed By Lehigh Valley Tea Party)